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Massage in Jacksonville, Florida

Including Swedish, Hot Stone and Couples Massage

Massage in Jacksonville including Swedish, Hot Stone & Couples’ Massage Packages

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Relax and unwind. Blissful Swedish, hot stone, couples' and reflexology massage services are now available at Body & Sole Massage. For the best swedish or hot stone massage, visit one of our two locations at The Avenues Mall in Jacksonville, FL or The Tyrone Square Mall in St. Petersburg, FL. Are you experiencing a stiff neck? Trust our attentive massage in Jacksonville service to iron out the creases in your muscles.
Swedish, Hot Stone and Couples’ Massage located in Jacksonville, FL

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Who We Are

Body & Sole Massage provides authentic Chinese massage therapy in Jacksonville, Florida. We opened our doors more than five years ago and have more than 20 years of experience practicing massage. Visit our bright and welcoming locations today and enjoy an invigorating take on a traditional art form. All swedish, couples' and hot stone massages are performed in a strictly professional manner with the utmost respect expected between staff and clients at all times.

Contact us in Jacksonville, Florida, or St. Petersburg, Florida, at (727) 608-8182 to request
an appointment for our enriching massage therapy.

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